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Northwich Philatelic Society are based in Northwich, Cheshire and serve the stamp collecting and philatelic needs of the people of mid Cheshire.


A visit from Macclesfield & Prestbury PS

Our original programme meant we were expecting a visit from Vincent Green of the local auction house, Sandafayre, however, due to illness he had to postpone his talk. Undeterred, however, into the breach came Macclesfield and Prestbury Philatelic Society, and two members, Peter Kirk and Gary Naden, volunteered to entertain us with their excellent presentations.

First up was Gary, who talked to us about mail – in, through, and around Cheshire. The presentation was the story behind the transport of mail during the Horse Post and Mail Coach eras of the late 18th and early 19th century focused predominantly on Wigan, and included an enormous and illuminating map of the London to Carlisle mail route. He also showed a second presentation of Stockport mileage marks and some of the amazing designs created by the local assistant postmaster.

After the break, Peter talked to us about the relatively little-known Pitcairn Islands, famous of course for the Mutiny on the Bounty, and he illustrated stamps and mail from these islands along with some ephemera related to the islands as well.

We were delighted that they could help us at such short notice and our Vice Chair, Myra, presented the certificate of thanks after a vote of thanks from Steve Speak. As always, photographs of the displays can be found below.

A visit from Macclesfield & Prestbury PS