Members Club Evening – New Season opens with letters A & B

The new season of meetings got underway on 10th September with a post summer catch up on events and notices, followed by members showing anything philatelic based around the letters A and B.

As always, the membership didn’t disappoint with ten different topics and a wide range of different material on show.

Topics covered and shown below in the images, included;

Blue 2½d stamps from GB, 1911 George V
President Adhijo’s Cameroon stamps
British South Africa Company
American space expeditions and Apollo missions
AAT – Australian Antarctic Territories
Bits of Barbados
Airmail etiquette labels

The photos give you an idea of the sort of material that we were treated to. From identifying specific shades on a simple stamp to space exploration, airmail etiquettes and post restante services in 2019, there really was a lot to see!

Members Evening letters A&B - Northwich Philatelic Society
Members Evening letters A&B – Northwich Philatelic Society

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