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New Season kicks off with The Lions of Persia

The new season of talks at Northwich Philatelic Society kicked off with a talk from the extremely knowledgeable David Davies FRPSL on The Persian Lions. Members were treated to an array of rarely seen material including some of the earliest stamps of Persia on cover.

Mr Davies outlined the history and development of the postal service in Persia, even pre dating the first ‘Lions’ issue in 1869 and then proceeded to show the development of the stamps over the next sixty years.

Members were astonished at the rarity of some of the stamps, particularly on cover whilst others appeared in packet material in the mid 20th Century making them some of the commonest stamps in any schoolboy or girl’s collection. Members were also fascinated to learn of the dangers of forgeries from this early period of philately and we were treated to an overview of the numbers on these stamps, helping us to identify them and distinguish between the different types.

A vote of thanks was given by Vice Chairman Jonathan Guy

Some photos of the evening are shown below.

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dsc_0656 dsc_0655 dsc_0654 dsc_0653 dsc_0652 dsc_0651 dsc_0650 dsc_0649 dsc_0648 dsc_0647 dsc_0646 dsc_0645 dsc_0644 dsc_0643 dsc_0642 dsc_0641 dsc_0640 dsc_0639 dsc_0638 dsc_0637 dsc_0636 dsc_0635 dsc_0634 dsc_0633 dsc_0632 dsc_0631 dsc_0630 dsc_0628