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Development of the Royal Mail

Recently we were entertained by Dr David Sigee on the subject of the development of the Royal Mail. The talk was very entertaining and the material on show followed nicely on from last month’s Maltese Cross presentation in that it features a lot of early GB material including penny blacks and reds and early Mulready’s.

The talk included a wide range of material from, as you would expect, the pre stamp era through the Treasury competition for designs of the first stamps and onto Mulready’s and early penny postage. There were also some lovely die proofs and examples of early embossed postal stationery.

Following this David then shared a range of letters written by Royalty including a number from Queen Victoria and some from Prince Albert. From this we were then shown the widest range of Prince of Wales Hospital Fund stamps anyone in the society had ever seen before and these are shown first below.

The society would like to thank Dr David Sigee for a wonderful talk.

IMG_0482 IMG_0481 IMG_0480 IMG_0479 IMG_0478 IMG_0477 IMG_0476 IMG_0475 IMG_0474 IMG_0473 IMG_0472 IMG_0471 IMG_0470 IMG_0469 IMG_0468 IMG_0467 IMG_0462 IMG_0461 IMG_0460 IMG_0459 IMG_0458 IMG_0456 IMG_0455 IMG_0454 IMG_0453 IMG_0452 IMG_0451 IMG_0450 IMG_0449 IMG_0448 IMG_0447 IMG_0445 IMG_0444 IMG_0443 IMG_0442 IMG_0441 IMG_0440 IMG_0439 IMG_0438 IMG_0437 IMG_0435 IMG_0433 IMG_0430 IMG_0428 IMG_0424 IMG_0423 IMG_0422 IMG_0421 IMG_0419 IMG_0417 IMG_0416 IMG_0415 IMG_0414 IMG_0413 IMG_0412 IMG_0411